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Anelex High Speed Printer

Anelex High Speed Printer manuals

We are looking for technical documentation for this Anelex High Speed Printer Series 5. The (drum) printer was attached to an Electrologica EL X8 (year of manufacture 1965) or DEC PDP-6 and PDP-10 (Line Printer Type 646) or Hitachi H-8245 and H-8246. Perhaps it's mentioned in the manuals of that computer.

Any hints would be appreciated!

Devices and Manuals

We are always looking for:

  • Any kind of tube calculators, for example LGP-30
  • Very old plotter
  • Any kind of telegraph technology
  • All manuals for the BULL GAMMA 3 and BULL GAMMA 55
  • ... and everything that is suitable for our collection