Museum for the historical development of calculator, computer and communication technology


What's special about it?

  • Our museum shows the interesting development of technology that strongly influences our life
  • In contrast to similar museums that normally only exhibit the history of technology without showing their functionality, almost all devices in the technikum29 are operative and are demonstrated during the guided tours. So you get a totally different picture of that time. This is quite absolutely unique

Target group

  • "Old veterans" who might become enthusiastic while actually using devices from their former days
  • Interested people who want to trace the process of origin of today's technolgy. You don't have to be an expert: Almost everybody can find an interesting part in our broad spectrum of possibilities.
  • Student groups (at least 15 years old), firms outgoing, etc.


  • The museum is located in Germany, close to Frankfurt am Main (more precisely: 65779 Kelkheim). It is privately owned and run.
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Photo of the museum building

The Museum

Opening hours

  • We currently accept only group registrations (at least 5 persons). Dating requests are accepted until five days before the favored date.

Provided services

  • Visits are always connected to a guided tour and at least one presentation on a particular topic. Student groups get an educational tour, divided in three modules.